Saturday, August 12, 2017

My take on the evergreen song from Jawani Diwani!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tricolor weeps today at the plight of India!

To the plight of India, to the extent of moral deprivation in a country which prides itself on its historical past, to the land which was associated with worshipping women in various forms!

Is rakt ki in baucharon mein,
 hum nanga naach nachate hain,
 Har insaan ke jeevan pe hum,
 yun shok hi shok manate hain!

Hai hamari shaan yahi,
 hum bhartiya kehlate hain,
 jahan kabhi devi jisi hum kehte the,
 aaj khilwad unhi se kar jate hain!

Sharm se jinko jhukna tha,
 hum seena taan chillate hain,
 Yeh "hamari spirit" hai,
 keh hum phir "normal" ho jate hain!

Yun sote hue putlo ki bhanti,
 hum kis azaadi ki shaan mein gate hain,
 Hai sharm se aaj yun jhuka hua,
 tiranga bhi ashru bahata hua,
 is desh mein azaadi ke naam pe,
 hum maryada heen hote jaate hain!

krodh ka yeh koi vakt nahi,
 naye charitra ki tayari kar,
 hai khadi manavta kis kagar pe,
 ab to nari ka samman tu kar!

May the departed soul rest in peace! Nirbhaya - You deserve a better world!
 The tricolor weeps at the plight of the nation which it symbolised!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bragging Rights!

What earns you the bragging right?
A real outcome or a plot you device?
Put in a lot of effort,
To get the things materialize,
Or work it smart, get it done,
And give the feeling that you got it right!
Sinking thoughts, often cross your minds,
Shake it baby! its important that you get a life!

Where am I heading towards.. Past memories

Work and work,
Have become a chore,
I am lost now,
Trying to match new role.

Every morning starts with a
Sudden urge, to start
My computer and see the
Bulging work.

On my way to the office,
I keep the planner on,
Try to figure out,
How to get the work going on.

Once I am in the office,
Its nothing new,
I know that i have,
To get many things moving on.

When my phone rings,
I put it down,
With the execuse of calling later,
When i find some time,
Times runs away,
And its late in the day,
When i remember,
I forgot to call up someone in the day.

I cannot call now,
Because its too late,
Its a daily routine now,
And i am lost in my own way.

Days after days,
Memory fades away,
Its only work,
That now weighs. i wish,
I had some freedom,
I return to where I was
In a role with no reason
No responsiblity
Would still be good,
At least i would be happy,
I would enjoy life,
In all the ways I could.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

With your support!

hand in hand and step by step,
you surely have been keeping the tab,
of the direction and the path,
ensuring that nothign's keeping us apart.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's time to Rise!

Rise and fight again,
The time is right again!
Nothing to loose, all to gain,
Time to walk in the rain!
Ah, the amazing spirit,
Cheers to you,
Walk the walk,
That you know is you!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

When at Crossroads!

At the crossroads lies the fun,
After rains like the Sun.
The path to explore,
Nothing to loose anymore.
You have to have the desire to bear it,
The passion to risk and still not fear it.